Weighted Blanket Benefits

What Are Different Types Of Blankets?

Gone are those days when blankets were used only on winters. Now it has been used throughout the year because of their increase in the varieties. There are different types of blankets that come with different colors, fabrics, and weaves. The best way to end a day is to sleep with a comfortable blanket. So if you are not very much informed about the types of the blanket you can refer the points mentioned below.


Quilts are basically handmade blankets that are made up of multiple fabrics. They are very thin and can be used in all weather conditions apart from extreme cold. You can also make one for yourself at home by using cotton and even with your old denim pieces. It is totally up to you how you want to make it.


These blankets are quite thick and are used especially in winter. You cannot carry these blankets everywhere like Quilts. They are actually zipped apart so that you can wash the cover and the batting separately. Also, these blankets are very durable and easy maintenance. Whenever you feel that it is getting dirty you can wash them. The fabric used to make these blankets varies as per their brand.


These blankets are often called as standard blankets in terms of its type. They come in different patterns, styles, and sizes. They provide very much warmth and the material filled inside these blankets are usually cottons and synthetic.

Heavy Blankets

A weighted blanket is a very popular type of blanket because of their ability to improve sleep and relieve stress. They are made up of different materials and are best for the people who face difficulty in falling asleep and who are having any kind of anxiety issues. Using these blankets is a kind of therapy after a tiring day. You can also select the weight of the blanket as per your requirement.

Throw blankets

These blankets are very attractive and also give a nice look to your room when keeping in your bed. They are very thin and light-weighted. You can drape it around anywhere or simply just exude warmth. These blankets usually come in a medium size. However, you can also get the oversized throw blankets. They will just add texture to your sofas and bed whether they are beautifully folded or draped.

Hence, there are so many types of blankets and these are the few common types from them. We hope that this information will help you while purchasing the right blanket for you as per your needs.