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5 Latest Camera Features To Get Likes On Instagram Just Like That!!

Instagram is the most trending platform in social media, and sometimes it’s hard to keep it up- to- date with the local features. Here are some latest camera features which are updated recently, which will help you get likes on Instagram, just like that.


A new face filter to customize your look and transport yourself to new places:


get likes on Instagram
get likes on Instagram

There is the latest face filter in the camera that lets you choose a perfect pair of shades that transports you to different locations all over the world. Simply tilt your head or tap on the screen to try out different shades which reflect different sceneries in your lenses.


New face filter to brighten up that moment:



There are various latest face filters available to brighten up the moment by placing the beam of light on your selfie or around the world, even if the sun isn’t shining. Tap on the light changes the orientation from vertical to horizontal or vice-versa. You can also use camera formats and other creative tools and you can add it directly to your story or send to your friends through Insta-direct.


Expand uploads from camera roll:




You can share your images and videos to your story even if you have taken them before 24hrs. Now, you can easily choose anything from your camera roll and share it with your friends. If you choose the picture which was taken before 24 hours, automatically you will see new stickers, that will help you add context for when it was taken and you can rotate, resize and remove that sticker, based on your choice.


Remix photos from friends in direct:



You can remix your friend’s photos and then send them back to have fun conversations. When viewing a photo message from a friend, tap on the camera icon at the bottom and capture a reply. Your reply has a sticker of what you are replying to. Move and resize it, add your own text to the stickers, texts, and drawings. You can remix back and forth for a fun visual of your conversation.

Additionally, you can also control replays, you can use one view for your messages, if you want your friends to see it only once.

These features are available for both IoS and Android.


Fun group filters:



This is the best filter which gives you best way to turn an ordinary selfie into something fun and entertaining. There are various filters like, road trip filters- in which you can jump on the motorbike, and open your mouth to rush down the road. Call your friends to have a side ride along with you.



These are some latest camera features, which will help to make your pictures unique and Instagram fun playing with camera and images with your friends. You could also use Instagram auto liker apps to gain more likes on your images and grow more audience then before.