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How To Drive Sales In 2019, With Your Instagram Marketing Strategy

Now we are in 2019, therefore, it becomes crucial for the businesses to have an active social media identity in order to persist in such a tough competition of established brands.

As a fact, social media marketing can’t be accomplished without Instagram marketing strategies. With time, this platform has turned into a great marketing place and ultimately the priority of popular brands, consumers as well as advertisers. So, if you do not still don’t have an Instagram business profile, you won’t enjoy the perk of effective advertising, but your competitors definitely would.

Switching to Instagram account is the first step towards success, but What comes next? Having an Instagram business account is not sufficient to let your business taste success and drive more sales. Your intention of making money and brand building will be completed only when you make an effort in the right direction. This guide will coach you in the right direction in addition to making you aware of various marketing strategies.

Bring more followers to your profile

Expanding your follower base is the first step in building a successful Instagram account. The more followers you have, the more views your posts will get. In case, you have insufficient followers, it is going to be quite difficult for you to generate more leads which result in diminished sales and profit margin. For a newbie who just created an Instagram account, it might be terrifying to start with zero as followers, but when a company is well established, they have the ease of getting their existing customers transformed into Instagram followers.

Focus on page Improvement

You probably have heard that “First Impression becomes your last impression”. It is absolutely a truth we consider in the day to day life and so applies in the context of Instagram business pages. It should be appealing and attractive to the visitors otherwise they lack interest in reading the information mentioned or visiting again. What is the first thing appearing before a user when he clicks on your profile? It’s your Instagram bio, profile picture and description you added there. All the things must be identical and should not arise any question in the reader’s mind.


The above information aims at giving just an idea about Instagram marketing strategies. Still, there are several strategies out there which a user need to consider before getting started with Instagram advertising that we will hopefully cover in the next article.

3 Best Reasons To Get More Instagram Followers In 2018

In 2018, all the influencers on Instagram need to grow their followers. Do you want to know why? The competition to gain popularity on Instagram is becoming tougher and tougher. According to an analysis, Instagram has shown high engagement on brand related things. That is the reason why most of the brands understand the importance on having influence of Instagram as it gives them the best platform for marketing. If you are also an influencer on Instagram and would like to gain more Instagram followers then you need to try your best to enhance your content on Instagram.

Here are shown 3 most important reasons which shows why influencers and marketers on Instagram need to get more followers:

Instagram stories Swipe ups

Instagram has got some new features and Instagram stories is one of them. If you would like to get more views of your Instagram stories then you should have more followers. The more views you will get, the more will be the growth of your influence on Instagram. While you can share some of the inner stories also, as generally it has been seen that most of the people show special interest in the internal stories of the influencers. By making use of the Instagram stories you can be able to gain more audience on Instagram. This will help you to get more likes and followers on Instagram.

Growth of reach

Instagram followers

People from all over the world are using Instagram. The Instagram population has already grown up to the reach of billion. If you would like to increase your influence on Instagram then you will to involve yourself more on Instagram to gain more followers, as your competitors are also rising day by day. You can do this by getting more views on your Instagram stories and by posting consistently. If you will not be able to progress more then you will get stuck at that place only and it will be very difficult for you to deal with your competitors.

Followers and likes are social currency

Instagram followers
Instagram followers

The one who have most followers on Instagram will be able to stay in the top between all the influencers in the market. If you will post quality content you will get more likes and the more will be the likes on your post, the more engagement you will get on your Instagram profile. Which means that you will have the chances of getting more followers.

If you would like to become more famous on Instagram then you need to use all the resources to get more followers. By gaining more followers you can be able to increase your influence on Instagram.

The Ultimate Guide To Be On Instagram Explore Feed

Instagram Explore feed is a crazy powerful feature, which helps to gain Insta followers and get you more exposure with a very little effort. Getting your posts on the Instagram explore feed is considered to be one of the challenging moment, so here are some of the simple and easy tips to get on the Instagram Explore Feed.


Create Content based on Your Target Market


Insta Follwers


The first thing, you need to do to appear on the Instagram Explore feed is to create extraordinary content. Just being on the Instagram Explore feed is not enough you should make sure to stand out from the crowd with your photos and gain the interest of your followers easily while they scroll their feed. Thus, to make your picture viral you need to upload the best picture of your gallery. To help you create such images, you need to understand the requirements, what kind of photos they like and create such an appealing content.  This will not only help you to make good content but also allows you to create the content to gain your targeted audience, which is seen in the Instagram Explore feed.


Schedule your posts on Optimal Times


The number of engagements are more likely to reach your ranking above on the Instagram Explore feed. Just getting engagements is not enough, the engagements which are taking place also matters. According to the recent transformation of the Instagram algorithm, the posts which are more likely to gain good engagements on the Instagram feed is considered to have good rank in the Instagram Explore feed. Thus, by scheduling your posts at any particular time of the day when most of your followers are online, have a higher chance of them liking your posts. To find your followers online there are various analytical tools available which help your posts or business sites to appear on the Instagram Explore feed.


Create a call to action on your Instagram Caption



Adding really good and appealing captions is considered to be one of the most appealing things which should appear on the Explore page. If you are a business then the caption is considered to be the introduction point of your brand. It is not necessary that your followers know you and your brand earlier, thus the caption is the first thing which should create interest for your followers. Thus, creating a call to action on Instagram will help your followers and other users to take further action and get associated with you.

Thus, on the end note, these are some of the key tips for you to make your place on the Instagram Explore Feed and get a good number of Insta-followers.