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7 Tips To Eat At A Fancy Restaurant As Though You Belong There

I know you like eating on the street side places, me too, they have a great quality food. During the lunch hours, I visit my favorite food point and enjoy my lunch. If you are a foodie then you love eating food in different restaurants. What if someone invited you for a dinner in a fancy restaurant but you haven’t been there for a single time. Here are a few tips for you to use so that people will think that you always visit a fancy restaurant

Do your research on the restaurant



  • Find the Menu online and go through it.

You can find a menu easily on the internet on the restaurant’s site. Go through the menu and read, find few of the interesting dishes and look for them on the net.

  • Specialty of restaurant

Many of the restaurants mention their specialty on their sites, Look for the special food for that particular day to create an impression.

  • See how you can book a table

If you are inviting someone than book the table online. It’s really an easy way to book, It is good to book a table in advance so that you won’t have to wait in a queue during the rush hours. Some of the restaurants Like Harvester(UK) give harvester vouchers to book a table or for meals, find it and use them.


  • Go through the Reviews to know about its pros and cons

Reading the reviews will help you know more about the restaurant like how the service is or food etc.

Arrive early to the restaurant and Do Following things



  • Talk to the manager

Talking to the manager has its own importance you can ask him anything about the restaurant and if you can ask for some advice.

  • Take a walk to the bar

Have a drink in the bar and to stay chill and calm and enjoy the evening leave your worries.

  • Have a friendly talk with the waiter

If there is someone who can give you a good advice is a waiter ask him for the people’s favorite dish and other menu items he will tell you the best.

Now your guests have arrived



  • Order for yourself and let your guest order for themselves

Never order for others, let them order for themselves and if they compel you to order then only you should order.

  • Billing

Now everything has gone smoothly than it’s the time to pay the bill as you don’t know how much you would have to pay, it will be good to have a voucher. Use the vouchers you earlier picked to get some discounts.

These are all the things which will help you in creating a good impression on the people.