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Top 5 Florida Stories That Make You Laugh Unstoppably

Florida is one of the South eastern most U.S. states with the Gulf of Mexico on one side and the Atlantic on the other. Florida is called the state of beaches. The state with the beautiful sunshine spots. It consists hundreds of miles of beaches. The cities of Florida are famous for their incredibly unique features. Like Miami is known for its beautiful arts scenes and American-Latin cultural influences as well as for its night lifestyle. Orlando a city in central Florida is famous for its number of amazing parks. It is also famous for Walt Disney World, water parks and many more beautiful destinations.

Other than all this, Florida is also primarily famous for the continuous reportage of the world’s most bizarre and hilarious news. The state’s newspapers and journals always filled with some unusual, weird and crazy news that many time left you completely amazed. For knowing more funniest and unusual stories of Florida you can visit sites like Florida man – Florida man news. In this article, we are going to read about the some craziest and hilarious news of Florida. Get ready for the funny and amusing emotional roller-coaster.


Florida man arrested by police officers that were sitting inside for trying to break into the car


This news got famous because the stupidity has done by that man. If you are going to break into the car you have to make sure that it should be of a police officer car and especially there not should be anyone sitting inside the car.


 Florida man hide $ 1k in the rectum when arrested by the police officers


According to the police officers of deputies of the Marion County, they arrested a man that put the $1k in its rectum in order to hide it from them. That’s quiet hilarious.


Florida man make the call on 911 and ask for Donald Trump to help


Florida-man - Florida-man-news
Florida man – Florida man news


A man in Florida called the police officers while he was chased by the general deputies of the state and said: “I need help and there is a police officer chasing me”.


Florida students found an alligator died and bring in to the dormitory room


Once in Florida, when the students of FGUC found a dead alligator then they thought how was that to take it to the college dorm room for the photoshoot. How crazy was that!


Florida man told deputies after 8 hours standoff that he was shooting at the rats in his backyard


The reason given by the man is quite hilly and bizarre. That he was shooting at the rats in his backyard after having an eight hours standoff.


These are the top craziest and most bizarre news of the Florida state.