4 Different Types of Essential Oil Diffusers

Well, sometimes we just feel sad, frustrated, and irritated and so at that time the one and only thing which can help you get out of all of these feelings, is getting an oil diffuser in your room. The aroma and the magic that is filled in the air because of the diffuser is just mesmerizing. You can get rid of all the different types of pain, and difficulties by just inhaling the smell of the diffuser. It helps your body and mind to get relaxed. And so you can get a lot more benefits from the oil diffuser. Now looking at those wonderful benefits of an oil diffuser, people get confused like which type of diffuser will be the best! Basically, there are four types of diffusers available in the market and they are:


Nebulizing essential oil diffusers


These type of diffusers are generally known as one of the best diffusers! They do not require heat, water, or any other thing to get started. And one of the most important thing about it is that it doesn’t contain plastic, which is a big benefit. It works by pressurized oil and air. Many of the diffusers can also be used with timers set in them just to get the shower of the essence at the right time.


Evaporative essential oil diffusers



Well, by the name itself you can know about the diffuser. So, basically the oil evaporates, then it is discharged into the air at the point when it turns from liquid to gas. These type of models generally use a small fan that blows air, making it to evaporate a bit faster than the normal one.


Ultrasonic essential oil diffusers


They also produce an elegant moisture just like the nebulizer, but these perform in a distinct way, by taking help of the electronic frequencies just to create accelerated or ultrasonic vibrations that break the particles for circulation. These use a blend of essential oil and water, which means that you’ll be modifying the capability of the oil upon use. Another thing is that because the oil is destructive to plastic, it needs to be maintained and cleaned regularly just to make sure that it is working correctly.


Heat essential oil diffusers



So, these work just in the same way as the evaporative diffusers which uses a fan to release those essential oils, but they use heat instead. They are quite inexpensive, but one of the drawbacks of using it is that it can change the chemical composition of the oils when they are heated. Some even use higher levels of heat which can make the scent more acute. While lower levels of heat can keep things sophisticated without changing the compounds too much and still making your house smell good.




Thus, these were the four types of diffusers which are quite popular in the market.

Benefits Of Using Essential Oil Diffuser

Nowadays everyone is struggling in their busy lives among friends, family, and social obligations. The work in our day to day life sometimes leave us feeling depleted and overwhelmed. Essential oil diluter is a kit which is used to disperse fundamental oils into the atmosphere that creates a positive effect on the whole body. Inhaling the aroma of the oils makes you feel relaxed. Below are some of the benefits which you can enjoy using oil diffuser.


Improves mental health




Some days are very tiring and you may not feel like doing anything. Essential oil diluter provides you instant relaxation without going anywhere. Different fragrances of the oils have different impacts on your brain. For example, if you are very tired you can just fill up the oil diffuser with the lavender oil which is very well known for providing relaxation. Likewise, there are so many oils which you can use as per your need.


Improves Physical health


Essential oil strew is also the solution for your illness. There are times when you are not physically well. You can feel better by adding healing oils to the oil diffuser. Oils like peppermint are very useful to soothe nausea, reduce headaches and also improves your digestion. There are also so many oils which are very helpful in curing migraine. Using essential oil diffuser is the best way to cure your illness naturally.




oil diffuser


Essential oils are very natural unlike the room sprays or room fresheners which consist of a lot of chemicals that may harm you. Essential oil strew is the best way to purify the air with natural ingredients. There are so many disinfectant oils like tea tree oil which are very useful for reducing the bacteria and viruses from the air and makes it pure to breathe.




Essential oil broadcaster are very convenient to use. You can just blend your favorite aroma of the oil in the diffuser and can enjoy it anywhere. It is very easy to fill the oil in the diffuser. You can take it with you in the car or ats your workplace. It is also a good replacement of scented candles that give your home a nice fragrance.



These are few of the benefits of having an Essential oil seperator. There are so many types of essential oil diffusers in the form of lockets or car accessories that are available in the market which makes it very convenient to keep it with you all the time.