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How To Master The Instagram Algorithm 2018

Do you know about the mysterious Instagram algorithm? Most of the people use Instagram in the current scenario, but how many of you are actually aware of the algorithm used in it? Previously Instagram used to display the feed to the user in the chronological order and it was doing quite well. Then what was the need of Instagram algorithm? Well, there are certainly many valid reasons for this. One of those reasons is the increase in the popularity of Instagram. As it became popular worldwide, several posts are made by its users on a daily basis. 70% posts are missed by the people while the chronological order of news feed was followed. With the Instagram algorithm, people would now be able to see the Insta Feed based on their interests and priorities.


How much engagement do you get?


The posts that get number of likes, shares, views, and comments are considered popular in Instagram and hence, they carry out better in the algorithm.


How long people spend watching your posts?


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If people are spending much time on your posts, that’s an indication that people are actually liking your posts and this will decide whether to show it to other people or not. You should make a habit of adding enticing captions to each of your posts as this will increase the time spent on your posts by the people.


Your favorite accounts


If you communicate with some accounts on a daily basis, the Instagram algorithm would mark it as your favorite and show their posts contents prior to other posts. This is a fascinating feature that let people see the contents of their interest.


The type of content



Some people search for a particular type of content frequently, the Instagram algorithm will make available other similar content in the same category to them. For example, if you are a sports person and search for the sports news usually, you are more likely to see other sports-related posts also on your Insta feed.


The followers’ engagement to your posts


The Instagram algorithm considers all the types of engagement on your posts by various people. If a person often engages to your posts in any way- either by liking, viewing or commenting on your posts, he will get to see more of your posts as he will be marked as an interested user of your content. You can buy Instagram followers (comprar seguidores instagram) and get a greater engagement on Instagram.




This was all about the Instagram algorithm. Make your posts so interesting so that your posts would be made available to most of the Instagram users.

New Rules For Instagram Hashtags In 2018

The rules for using Instagram hashtags has changed this year. It’s a new year started and everything which is related to Instagram has been all changed, the best practice which we use in the past is no more effective as before. But the hashtags on Instagram are still a great tool or way to expand the reach or drive engagement. They can still help you to get Instagram followers or you can also get followers [ganhar seguidores] through some websites where you can win large number of followers and likes.


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There are some new ways of using Instagram hashtags which can help you to organically grow your account as well as help you achieve your marketing goals.

Using the relevant hashtags become more important




Follow hashtag is a new feature recently launched by the Instagram. Now you can also follow particular hashtags and you will get an unlimited content who posted for that hashtags. This definitely makes your post to reach new potential followers and expand your reach but only if you use the relevant and meaningful hashtag for your post.

The Instagram algorithm also always favored the relevant and specific hashtags usage. The new feature of following hashtags makes using specific and relevant hashtags more important as the users have the power to point your hashtagged content as something which they do not want to see or irrelevant.

Avoid using the same hashtags for every post




Due to the Instagram shadowban, you just cannot post the same exact list of Instagram hashtags every time when you post. Doing these you might be seen as spam and this can affect your visibility of the post. That’s why it is important to switch up hashtags for every post.

Well! Creating a new list of hashtags for every post can be a challenging task. But the new feature of saved caption makes this super simple. By using saved caption feature, you can make multiple hashtags based on your previous used hashtag categories.

Track the Instagram hashtags success



Having a business profile can be very useful as it allows you to check the growth of Instagram account with the help of Instagram insights and you can also see the performing results of individual posts.

This helps you to see how effective your post to attract the new audience including the hashtags. Due to these insights, you can continuously advance your hashtags strategy.  By seeing the hashtags which you use and checking the individual post insights help you to narrow down your hashtags for better engagement.


As the new Instagram algorithm affects the post visibility and also make difficult to enhance the Instagram followers, the new rules of using Instagram hashtags can help you grow your account.