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Some Best Activities for a Five-Month-Old Baby

At the age of five-month, your baby is developing various skills and key senses promptly and you would notice a higher level of energy, better muscle movements, and improved visual approach. Moreover, the babies will also be able to make various sounds and express their emotions by performing various facial expression.

This stage is considered as development stage where the baby will demand more attention from the parents and often want to play with them using the play activities. A part of the entertainment, playing is also quite mandatory to develop motor skills in babies. In this article, we are going to discuss some basic activities to encourage baby’s overall development.


Musical Activities



Music is quite relieving for babies, they do enjoy soft and harmonic music. Play music for your baby during playtime.


What is required: Calm atmosphere and a music system.


What to do– Hold your baby carefully, turn on the music and observe his reaction. If your baby wants to make movements on rhythm then support him to do so. Make sure not to play loud music, continue playing only soft and melodious music. Of course, you will need to take a break while playing music because listening for music for the whole day might make them fatigue and they start ignoring the music.


Results: This activity develops perception, and intellectual skills.


Floor Play


children play mat


It is quite important for babies to make efforts themselves and move around. The activity of moving around is crucial for building muscle strength around the beck, back, shoulder, and arms. While the baby is placed on the floor, they start performing actions like crawling, rolling and try to walk on hands and feet. Since the baby is going to walk in the upcoming month, therefore, floor play becomes an important activity to prepare baby for that.


What is required: A reliable children play mat with some soft toys.


What to do- This activity is simple as you just need to place the baby over a play mat. You can either place him on the back or his tummy. Though you will be free after placing the baby on the mat, it would be better to encourage them for walking, holding toys and learning new skills.



These two activities are quite simple and effortless steps that can help your baby’s development when he is entering the learning phase. Being a parent, it is up to you how things can be arranged better for a positive outcome.