10 gigabit Ethernet

5 ways to expand 10 gigabit Ethernet switch advances more than just speed.

In this 21st century, everybody is thirsty for data and data speed. The first and the foremost thought for changing the Ethernet switches is for speed but there are also various other reasons which will be availed once you expand your Ethernet to 10 GB Ethernet. Some of them are:

• Good hardware and efficient rack space

The 10gbps packs are converted into smaller packs as all the containers are full of Fast Ethernets or Gigabit Ethernets which occupies a lot of space, in order to avoid that, it can be replaced by the handful of 10GB pieces. This helps us to gain more space and the overall power consumption using these 10 GB Ethernets will be less.


• Virtualization is simple

10 gbps servers also help to reduce your need of onsite servers, through virtualized network. Apps and distributed storage area networks are also reduced. These servers are generally applicable on the bandwidth provided by the 10 GB Ethernet port. In an addition to it, once your networks become virtualized that helps to make future expansion into larger cross-town offices. A virtualized network is platform independent and ensure high speed connections useful for modern business.

• Less cabling

Cables are generally considered the weak points of the network, these cables can easily tripped and the cost of the cables can be quickly added.10 gb Ethernet requires less cabling, especially in operations that have multiple gigabit Ethernet switches in place to boost the throughputs.

• Less obstacles

Previous networks used use slower fast Ethernets services on the boundaries as there was very less traffic on the edges of the Ethernet. But as online shopping became so common today, the network edges are facing various obstacles. A 10 GB virtualized network can expand the aggregation and switching layers to the network removing all the obstacles from the process.

• Great scalability

Due to adding of more hardware, the Fast Ethernet and the Giga Ethernet cannot be scaled up. Referring to this, the 10 GB standard scale was raised. Through virtualization, 0-8, 10 GB can be aggregated together a single virtual switch for total of 80 GB throughput.


People’s desire for data is growing enormously, videos are becoming high defined and the web pages are getting redesigned with quality features. If you are facing problem for data this 10 GB Ethernet switches will be helpful for you to bounce to the top.