How To Pick A Good Smartphone To Buy?

Smartphone companies are updating the features of their smartphones every now and then, you may have seen many companies which launches new smartphones every 5-6 months. So for buying a good smartphone, you have to focus on some of the basic features. Mentioned below are some of those important features.




First and foremost thing you should do is set a budget. Without setting a budget it would get really difficult for you to pick a smartphone which is suitable for your use. After setting a budget you have to decide on some brands which you think are easily available in your location.


Operating System



This is the most important thing to look, you can choose from Android, IOS, and Windows as these are the well know OS which you can find easily in the market. Every brand has some uniqueness and shortcomings in the manner of usability.


Screen Quality


The bigger will be the screen the more resolution it will need, these days the common screen sizes you will find is 5-6.5 inches diagonally. You have to decide which screen size will be comfortable for you. The screens may come in LED, AMOLED, TFT, IPS-LCD, OLED etc. 4k resolution is trending these days but generally, you will get 750×1334,1080×1920 and similar types with a little variation. For a better understanding look for (PPI) pixels per inch.


App stores


If you love using apps than see which OS provides the best quality apps and more apps this way you can find the best OS smartphone for your use.


RAM and Storage



The ideal Configuration for many of the users these days is 4GB RAM and 32GB Internal storage. This is a decent Configuration for most of the users but if you want a lightning fast speed while operating your phone then you can increase them. Remember this Configuration varies for different OS in terms of performance.


Connectivity and Network


Choose the smartphone according to the suitable network frequencies which your network provider gives in your location.




If you love taking pictures then don’t fall for the Mega Pixels of your camera. A Smartphone’s camera works well if it has a good sensor so look for the good Quality sensors which can grasp more light easily.




compare specs


Then there comes the battery life of the phone, you know it better than anyone else that how much you need to use your phone continuously for a day.

This is how you can compare specs of the smartphones so to buy a good smartphone in your budget then you have to compare specs first.

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