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What Are The Importance Of First Page Of Google?

Google has become a one-stop destination for digital marketing. Nowadays every business irrespective of its scale has a website online for marketing their products and services. Google is the world’s number one search engine that provides solutions to all the queries of the people in more than no time. The first page of Google is a place where a website with high-quality content, visuals and many crucial things only succeed in making their way. This article is all about the importance about the first page of Google. So let’s have a look!


Make you notice among new customers

Let’s suppose if you have an option to choose a brick and mortar shop for your business then what kind of shop you give preference the one that is located on the main road or the one that is away from the main town where no traffic of people often go. Of course the shop on the main road right.

Likewise, people prefer the websites which present on the first page of Google. Google consist 167 billion searches per month. Then you can estimate the importance of being on the top page of Google. It is a like a traffic of the whole bunch of new people that can make your business grow in more than no time.


Reliability gets increased

Rank Tracker
Rank Tracker

As we all know that Google is a well-acknowledged platform that everybody trust. People trust Google that is why they try to find out each and everything on it. So if your website present on the first page of Google that means you have its approval. People trust Google then it is obvious that they trust the sites that show on its front page.

Increases your website traffic

As we studied above, how being on the first page of Google plays an acknowledged role in getting your website among the new customers. That simply causes an increment in the number of people who land-up in your site. For example, let’s assume that your website is all about selling branded clothes. If your site present on the first page of the Google and people make a search about the best online branded clothes store than they definitely prefer your shop as compare to the online sites present on the third or second page of the Google.


You can make use of rank tracker software for seeing your site ranking on Google. This software also helps you to improve your ranking if you are not on the top page of Google. I hope so by getting through the above three points you get to know the importance of the first page of Google.