What Are The Best Benefits Of Faking Pregnancy?

You might have heard a viral story about a genius female panda that she faked her pregnancy to get extra beneficial treatment in the zoo. Now even animals are becoming smart enough to make fool of human beings and enjoying special treatment, then why a lady cannot fake her pregnancy as well. If having a pregnancy can help you with your carrier and it also helps you to get benefits in the various stages of your life then you should never feel ashamed of receiving some benefits. While you should never stretch a prank too far so that it can be a problem for yourself only. You should be ready with some excuses that will help you to come out from such situations.

Here are shown some benefits which you can have while faking the pregnancy of yours.


fake ultrasound


Getting a comfortable seat on public transport


In a public transport, it is not easy to find a seat. But if you have a baby bump then you can get a comfortable seat even in a heavy rush. People are always polite towards the pregnant ladies.


Get some attention



As you will grow more, you would like to get more attention from others. In such a case having a pregnancy is the best way to catch all the attention of people around you.


Test your guy


The guy whom you are dating is serious about your relationship or not. If you are really expecting a future for your relationship then you need to check the things first. Get a fake ultrasound test result and shock him by telling you are pregnant. If he is a real guy for you then he will be ready to lead your relationship further.


You will get presents



Even though you are faking about your pregnancy but the people who love will give you some gift to show their affection towards you and your coming baby.


Make your friends jealous


While your friend will always try to show off their beautiful life, you also have the right to make other feel jealous from you. Showoff that you are enjoying the leaves from the office because of your pregnancy.


Others also treat you like a mistress



The people around you will give you more respect, as you are going to become a new mother. You will get priority in lines, you can be able to get better seats and all the other benefits as well.


There are so many benefits of faking pregnancy, but it depends on the lie only which cannot be able to survive for long time. You should be ready with your excuses to open the fact about your lies for avoiding any problems.