The Best Thing About Having A Pet And Newborn Baby!

People generally have a myth that they cannot keep pet once they have their babies as they can be unhygienic and may cause infections and other health issues to their babies. But after looking into some pet parent’s lifestyle after having their own babies worked really well for me to change my thoughts on having pets. It was when my sibling and her husband was going for their pregnancy photography. There we saw some of the photo albums and one thing that struck my mind was the pictures of some parents with their babies along with their pets.

We also had words with the doctor on having a pet as my sister really love animals. And the doctor said that there is no big deal on having pets. In fact, having them as a family member is something that will make the baby learn various things in their life. After a long discussion that took place for around a week, we were ready to get the pet. We also planned the photo-shoot with our pet sharing the bond with the unborn baby and the mommy. And the pictures were really cute, and adorable.

And today, when we see the baby growing with our pet and learning something new every day makes us feel it be the right decision to get a pet. And looking at the maternity photos that we get done after the arrival of the baby along with our loving 2 months old pet is so damn relieving that you cannot take your eyes off. As the baby and our dog shine have shown the beautiful bond which they share now and then is so mesmerizing and filled up with love and affection that makes us fall in love every time we see them.

Pregnancy Photography

We now have 4 dogs in our home that gelled up really well with my baby and they spend a lot of time playing with each other and one thing that makes us feel relaxed is that the baby is safe with them as they are pretty conscious about his safety and they never allow any issues to come to the baby.

As the baby is about to get a year old and we are now planning to get the after pregnancy photography to be held with the baby and his 4 big friends. Hope, that would be interesting and the best photographs the baby would love looking into after he gets big enough to understand and feel the things.