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5 Exhilarating Things To Try On Instagram In 2019

It is always not good to try new things, but when it comes to Instagram the scenario is completely opposite. With the frequent updates and releasing of new features, the possibilities on Instagram seems to be endless. Whether you are having a general account or business page on Instagram you can make your marketing strategies successful by using exceptional features provided by Instagram. In case you are not aware of the latest addition on Instagram then read the complete article. We are listing some of the most exciting this that you can try on Instagram this year.

Countdown sticker



This sticker is introduced by Instagram almost at the tail end of the previous year that is why many people don’t know about this. There are so many brands which are using this sticker in so many clever ways to promote their products and to get followers on Instagram. For example, if you are launching any product then you can use this countdown sticker to build excitement among users and to engage them.

Instagram stories ads



Instagram stories are the most viewed places on Instagram and that is businesses are taking this opportunity to advertise their products and services. Almost one third of the viewed stories are from businesses. Therefore, if you are also having a business account on Instagram then you can post ads as your stories. The results you will get after doing this will surely blow your mind.




IGTV is considered as the most effective marketing tool these days. Earlier Instagram doesn’t allow their users to post longer videos but now with the help of IGTV, you can post longer videos maximum up to 60 minutes if your account is verified. In case you have not tried this amazing feature of Instagram then use it for sure.

Close friends list



Earlier the stories you used to post can be seen by all your followers, but now Instagram has brought a customized feature through which you can make a list of those people whom you want to show your stories. Businesses are benefiting a lot from this because now they can target the audience through Instagram stories.




If you have noticed, Instagram has introduced a lot of new filters and some of them are of big brands. Therefore, to make your stories and posts more attractive you can use these filters. It is so much fun to use as well as beneficial also.

Hence, these are the few enticing things that you can use on Instagram for the growth of your business.

Tips To Use Coupons To Promote Your Business

According to a recent survey, it has been found that consumers who uses the coupons of any particular retailer is more likely to return to that particular site again and again. And there are also some people who share referral codes coupons with their friends for sharing the localized deals as using these coupons add more value to their shopping experience than any other form of mobile marketing.

Here are some simple tips for you to enjoy the complete benefit of using the coupons to promote your business, out of which some of them are:


Attract more customers and generate additional traffic


 coupon forum
coupon forum


There are various studies which have shown that there is a huge improvement by the offers which are provided as a percentage off on any of the product, as most of the customers love to purchase products having attractive deals and discounts. For them, there are thousands of coupon forum which will help you to provide good discounts on selective products. Thus these coupons serve as the best thing to attract more and more customers and bring in a huge amount of traffic in your business.


Minimize advertising costs for business


When you start a company then, one of the main thing which is considered is to advertise related to your business. But by using these coupons, you advertise your products by simply adding your Company’s name, address, and other appropriate data ought to be highlighted unmistakably on the coupon. Doing this will provide people with prospects to see your organization as one which offers, bargains, driving them to visit your site for many more rebates.


Database of customers



You can utilize coupons at the client procurement stage to get information regarding the client like, telephone number, email address, locality and so on which helps the manufactures to have the database of clients who are keen on arrangements, coupons, and rebates.


Change older products


At times, there are some items which certainly don’t work well. There might be various different reasons, it may be the cost to item permeability. In such situations offering these portable coupons, redeems on some certain items, will help your customers get attracted towards your business.


Attract New customers for business



Coupon promoting is one of the best ways to pull in new clients, who will positively help your deals. Once any particular client visits your site, you have a chance to transform them into a potential client.




Thus, these are some of the simple and easy to use tips and tricks which will provide you with a direction to use the coupons to increase your business and achieve huge profits and higher goals.