Lapel Pins

How To Select A Perfect Lapel Pin To Wear?

Combinations of some little accessories can give a nice touch to your attire. Small accessories like pocket accessories like the pocket square, lapel pins, collar pins, bow etc. are really cost-effective accessories which you can wear with your attire. Here we will discuss one of these accessories and will see some ways to select the perfect one.

A lapel pin is a small pin with some of the figures, symbols or anything on them, this pin is worn on the lapel of the suit which is slightly below the collar. These lapel pins can give a definition to your attire so it is really important to understand which type of lapel pin you should wear. To choose a perfect pin we have to first understand its types which are as follows.

  1. Custom lapel pins
  2. Badge
  3. Vintage
  4. Floral
  5. Long-stem

Now we will see which type of Lapel pins you can wear according to the occasions.


Political gathering


If you are a part of a political party or you work for a political party than you already have a pin with the party symbol. If you don’t have one then suggest your party members to have one.


Business events


custom lapel pins


If you are a businessman than get yourself a custom made lapel pin with your firm’s logo on it and show everyone what you have or where you belong. This is the best way to show people about your business. These days you can find many sites which can provide you with custom lapel pins in whatever design you want.




For parties, you can use Long-stem or vintage ones as they look classy and makes you look dope. These kinds of lapel pins look awesome with the tuxedos.





For weddings, you can wear Floral or Boutonniere lapel pin as they look amazing and can give a nice touch to your suit. These lapel pins are made with original flowers and you can also get the artificial floral ones.




For everyday use, you can wear simple lapel pins or custom pins as they look decent and stylish at the same time.


These days’ people love to wear pins with symbols and quotes. So create your own style statement using this little accessory. All this information will help you choose a perfect Lapel pin for your attire.