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The Importance Of Bearing In Machinery And Other Application

Bearings are the very important element for many machines as they help to reduce the friction from between two objects and allow the machines to run more smoothly. Bearings normally split into two main categories, thrust, and radial bearings.

Radial bearings are for turning shafts while thrust bearings are for axial movement of the shaft. While there are many different types of bearings are available within these two categories such as split, roller, ball, flange and mounted and unmounted bearings. Among all these, the ball bearing is the most common type and are used in many different varieties of application. There are also many bearing tools, accessories, and components available which work to protect them and also provide smooth operation.

How bearing work?


The bearings are basically made up of balls and a smooth outside and inside surface for rolling. The ball carries the body weight and the force which is associated, encourages rotation. The force the way it is placed, it depends on the application whether it is thrust load or the radial load.

Radial loads making the bearing rotate from tension by putting the weight on it whereas thrust loads directly put the weight or stress from the angle on the bearing. While some bearings can support both the thrust and radial loads for example car tire which supports the radial load in a straightway road and also thrust load while turning.

Types of bearing


Ball bearing –


Precision Bearings
Precision Bearings

It is the most common type of bearing which take both the thrust and radial loads. But it can handle only small weights and get wrap sometimes if get overloaded.

Roller bearing –


Roller bearing is designed to carry the heavy loads where the main roller is cylindrical and the bearings are spread over in the large area making it easier and suitable to carry heavy weights. Radial loads are the best for this type of bearing.

Ball thrust –


Low speed and low weight of the thrust are handled by this bearing. For example, it is used in bar stools to make the seating comfortable.

Tapered roller bearings –


Tapered roller bearing is designed to carry both the big radial and thrust loads. This type of bearing is the prefect of the vehicle hubs as they can support both the loads with the heavyweight.


There are also many different types of the bearing are available for specific applications. They play an important role in machines and automotive parts also. The precision bearings bring smoothness of the machines which help to move the machines more smoothly.