Frauds & Scams

A Minimalist Guide To Stay Away From Fraud And Scam

However, the world has been experiencing advanced technologies still the fact can’t be overlooked that scammers are getting increasingly experienced in accomplishing through their practices of malware and fraud among the people. It’s quite mandatory for people to prevent themselves from being a victim of the unsocial activities going on in our society.


How Scam Generates


Social Media

All the popular social media platforms like Facebook and Linkedin are most preferred means where one can easily get webbed. The scammers use to set up their own well designed Facebook page on the behalf of a reputed company to misguide the general public.

Phone Calls

Report Scam Online

There is nothing strange to hear about fake calls that use the name of even famous shopping sites or companies as a sponsorship of the prize. Due to lack of awareness and knowledge about cybercrime most of the people pay them some sort of amount in order to get a huge amount of prize.


How to Protect Ourselves


Be assured about the existence of scams

Scams target everyone irrespective of the backgrounds, age-group, and income across the universe.  It’s hard to find a person who is more likely to be a victim of such scam and fraud, all of us may be susceptible to scam sometime.

Think Before You React

It’s common to get thrilled about the exciting offers and scheme still research a little more if you have ever met someone online or not sure about the existence of a business. We have the most reliable search engine ‘The Google’ where we can get all sort of information exposing the cheat and fraudulent.

Avoid visiting cautious links and texts

There are bulk of links available on social messaging sites promising to claim cash prize or commodities. Make sure, never to fill the details, they ask as a means of registration. It’s all about the cybercrime where scammers use the same details to hack the bank accounts hence withdraw money.

Hide Personal Details

It doesn’t matter how trusted is a person, never share OTP, Debit card pin or bank account details to anyone else and keep them at a safe and secure place to get rid of an online scam. Even that details might be used to create a fake identity.

There are a few people who come across the audience to share their experience with those scams and the rest use to avoid doing so. People must stay aware of the essentials of getting fraud and must know the procedure to report scam online over the community working together to get rid of various scams.