Crimes And Frauds

Top Ways To Keep Your Neighborhood Free From Crimes

We all want to live in a crime free neighbor, but in one way or another, you will find crimes happening in every neighborhood. However, the ratio of crime rate is different at different places. The reason for that is since the crime rate of any particular region is based on the awareness of the people living in that area. If people living in your neighbor are more aware against the crimes, then your neighborhood can be more secure from the crimes.

Here are shown some top ways which can help you to reduce the crimes in your neighborhood:


Ilan Tzorya
Ilan Tzorya


Know your neighborhood

The first thing is that you should have more interaction with your neighbors. Bonding with your neighbors can be helpful for you against crimes also. As they will also help you to track your belongings when you are not at your home.

In some societies, they have their own social group. In the meeting of their social group, they also discuss their problems. While such meetings can also help them to counter against the crimes in their neighborhood.


Invite law enforcement in your community

Now you have a committee in your society in which you can talk about the problems of your neighbor. However, you need to have a proper understanding of crimes happening in your neighbor. For that, you can also take the help of local law enforcement service in your community.


Video surveillance camera

In society, you also need a video surveillance camera. This way you can be able to track the movement of people in your neighborhood. If something is suspicious in the recording, then it can be reported to the law enforcing agency.

Watch local news

The local news can help you to learn about the things happening in the neighbor of your society. Based on the information you can enhance the security of your neighborhood as well.


Aware of the crime trend through news and discussions

Because of the technology, it became easier for the fraudsters and swindlers to cheat people. However, you can also use the technology to aware your friends and other people in your neighborhood about the tricks of swindlers. As you can viral the information about the news of the swindlers like Ilan Tzorya, which would help them to be aware of such criminals.


It is the responsibility of every person in the society to control crime in their neighborhood. While you can follow the above steps which can help you and your society to be free from any crimes.