What Careers Can You Choose In The Wine Industry?

Do you like wine? If you do love wine than you should definitely try your luck in this industry. You can do different types of jobs to earn your bread and butter in this industry. If you don’t know about the career possibilities in the wine industries than you are at the right place here we will unfold all the carrier possibilities for you which will help you in selecting a job in this field.

Like every other Industry, we will break the wine industry in Sectors which are as follows:


wine jobs

There are many things which one can do in the production process of making wine. The wine jobs we are talking about are really interesting and people love to do these things. These jobs require both knowledge and power, you should know what you are doing? So here are few of the jobs which you can do in wine production sector

  • Director (Winemaking)
  • Winemaker
  • Assistant Winemaker
  • Lab Manager
  • Lab Assistant
  • Enologist
  • Storage manager
  • Storage worker

Vineyard and Sales Management

Vineyard and Sales Management is one of the main sectors after the production here you will see the vineyard as well as the office jobs which are really important to drive revenues for the company.

  • Vineyard management jobs
  • Vineyard manager

Sales Management

This is the part where your business strategist and salespersons come into play. Here you will use your intelligence in running the business and achieving the goals.

  • Operation Director
  • Operation Manager
  • Sales Manager
  • PR Manager
  • Wine Club and Tasting Members

Broker and Retailer

Retailers and brokers have the ability to understand the customers and the wines, they have a deep knowledge of the wine sector. They can help the customers in getting the finest wines. Here are a few jobs which one can do in this sector.

  • Broker
  • Store manager
  • Retailer

Hospitality and service

These sector doesn’t appear to be that much interesting but this sector also pays the equal amount of money as compared to others. From restaurant jobs to the education of you will get some interesting wine jobs here.

  • Best Sommelier
  • Sommelier
  • Restaurant and Bar manager
  • The Wine Educator

These are all the things which you can do in this industry, I haven’t mentioned the income range in the jobs because they may vary according to your expertise the better you will do the better will be the income so do your best in this industry.


5 Important Things A Wine Entrepreneur Should Know

Wine Industry is really big and has lots of money, some people are in this because they love making wine. Making wine is a simple and tricky process depends on the person who is making it. If you know what you are doing then it will be simple for you but on the other hand, it would become much more difficult for you if you don’t know about it. As the love for the wine among people is increasing the production of wine and wine jobs are also increasing. Wine jobs are really trendy these days. People who want to do something different are entering this field so if you are a wine entrepreneur than you should know the following things.

Understand the process

Before doing anything understand the process and choose the process you want to adopt for your production. There are basically 6 processes to focus.

  • Harvesting
  • Maceration Timing
  • Temperature of fermentation
  • Pump over or Punch down
  • Wood (oak) vs. Steel Tank
  • Screw caps or Cork

All the above process plays a huge role in color texture and taste of the wine so focus on the process by understanding each and every aspect of it. If you will follow the process accurately than you may make a magnificent drink.

Follow directions

Stick to the process to get the good result. Make a layout for the whole process and choose the best quality content for your wine. Randomizing anything will ruin your wine. If you can hire someone for the first 1-2 production to acquire knowledge about it.

Use clean tools and pieces of equipment

It is very important to buy a good quality equipment to make wine so that the wine won’t get contaminated with any of the impurities. The well you preserve it the well it will taste. You know that people use wine for their enjoyment so try not to ruin it by using bad quality tools.

Signature touch

Wine Jobs

Try to give a uniqueness to your wine and made it your trademark, so that people will recognize you for that rarity and uniqueness.

Never give up

Last words of advice never give up, Test, taste, improve and repeat this is the key for making the best wine so never lose hope and do your best.

I am sure that all these points will definitely help you to do your best in the wine market. If you are a wine enthusiast than try to learn by doing any of the wine jobs and learn the process closely with this it will be easier for you to get a grip on the market. So all the best and do your best in the wine industry.