5 Tricks To Get Free Instagram Followers And Likes In 2018

Every user of Instagram wants to get more likes and followers. But it is not easy to get free followers and likes on your Instagram post without making any efforts. You need to practice some of the Instagram tactics to increase your followers. Without doing any extra effort on Instagram, you will never be able to increase your limited numbers of followers.

Here are the best 5 tricks to get free followers on Instagram.

Free Followers on Instagram

Post consistently

The first thing which is very important on Instagram is consistency. If you are posting all the content of the whole week in a single day and not doing any other posts in the week then you will not be able to get the deserving results for your efforts. It is better to post you each content on each day which shows your regularity on Instagram and you can be able to gain more visitors on your posts to get more free likes and followers.

Unique and Popular Hashtags

The people who are really interested in the things related to the niche of your content can search your post on Instagram using Hashtags or captions as keywords. It is important to use popular hashtags in your post, which will help you to get more visitors to your Instagram profile.

Cross promotion on other social media

You can also use other social media channels to cross-promote your Instagram account. This way you can be able to get more visitors for your post on Instagram and you can also influence your friends and followers to like and follow your content on Instagram also.

Like and follow others to get free likes and follow

It is seen on Instagram that you can be able to get more followers if you follow more people on Instagram. If you follow others they will also follow you in return. After following certain people on Instagram, you can wait for 3 or 4 days to gain follower on your account and if they will not getting any result then you can also unfollow them.

Instagram stories

One of the best ways to catch the attention of the audience is to create Instagram stories where you can share your inside experience. Most of the Instagram users love to know about the inside stories of others. This will help you to get more visitors for your Instagram profile.

By doing the above practices of Instagram you can be able to grow your followers while you need to be more creative with your posting style to catch more attention from the Instagram audience.

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