5 Tips To Enhance the Anonymity Of VPN Connection

There are many people who are using VPN services but they do not know the actual purpose of using VPN service. There are people who know about VPN that it allows them to access the inaccessible sites. They do not check the policy of the VPN services, they start using VPN services as there are many VPN free services are available online. But such users cannot be able to take advantage of the anonymity feature of the VPN connection fully. If you are also one of them then here are shown some tips using which you can be able to maximize your anonymity when you are browsing.

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Do not install VPN on your browser

There are many VPN services which also provides an extension for browsers. If you have installed VPN on your browser then only the data transmission through the browser is encrypted. In such case, they are only protected with the privacy service as long as the browser is running. If you want overall privacy protection on your system then you need to install VPN on the OS.

Install VPN on the device

To get the full protection of the VPN service, you need to install the VPN application on your device. This application is not only for the computer system but it can also be installed in the mobile phones, gaming consoles, smart TV, Linux machines. There are also certain devices in gaming consoles and smart TV in which you cannot be able to find the option for the installation of VPN. In such case, you can install VPN service within your router.

Check your IP for private connection and DNS leak

Even though you are using VPN that does not mean that you are wholly protected. You need to check the IP address and DNS leakage also. There are some private services where you can check that your private connection is leaking out the IP or DNS information of your network.

Make sure that firewall feature is on

There are chances that your online service may break down sometime. In such a situation, VPN service will auto switch off itself. In such cases, there are chances that an eavesdropper can be able to leak the information of your IP or DNS address. While in such case it is better to have firewall protection on the system which would protect your system from an anonymous attack.

Those above tips can help you to maximize the anonymity of your browsing experience using VPN connection. Do not just use it as an option to open the sites which you cannot access, while you can enhance your anonymous browsing without having any chances of trespassing on your IP and DNS address.

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