5 Must-Have Things To Carry On Trekking

Trekking and Hiking are the things that most of the people love doing. Some people do it passionately while others do it simply for fun. However, there are a lot of things which you need to take care when you go for a trekking. People often take it casually and do not prepare much thinking that certain things are available everywhere. Especially people who are going for a trekking for the first time should properly carry all the necessary kinds of stuff which they may require during trekking. So to help you with that we are listing a few things below which cannot be ignored and is very essential to carry for your adventurous trekking trips.


Water Bottle


Trekking requires a lot of physical strength, therefore, it is very necessary to carry a water bottle with you. Most of the time people don’t feel thirsty because of the cold weather but drinking plenty of water will keep you hydrated as well as protect you from getting tired early.

Also, make sure to refill it whenever you find some natural resource during trekking.





Like water, food is also an equally important thing to carry on your trekking trips. As it is full of physical activities so you tend to lose your energy fast. Eating some snacks periodically will make you keep fulfilled and maintain your energy level. You can also carry some chocolates and dry fruits which are the rich source of energy. It will also take very less space and are also lightweight to carry in your bag.




Carrying torchlight will help you a lot if it gets late while returning. So carrying it whether it will get used or not is a better option. The flashlight of a phone is also very helpful but make sure that it is fully charged before you leave for trekking location.




water shoes for women


Keeping a good pair of shoes will definitely make your trekking experience comfortable and pleasant. If you are planning to go for a trekking make sure to invest some money in buying comfortable shoes. You can also consider the location where you are going to trek while purchasing the shoes. If the trekking location is nearby a lake or you already know about any water activities that is going to happen then you can also buy the latest water shoes for women which will completely take care of your feet.


Cap and sunglasses


Trekking or hiking is always done in an open area and wearing caps and sunglasses will protect your skin and eyes from the direct exposure of the sunlight. So don’t forget to carry them on your trekking trips. Moreover, apart from its benefits, it will also give you a stylish look.


These are the few basic things which you should carry with you while trekking. However, apart from these, you can also make your own list.