Three Top Most Benefits You Can Get Using Tumblr For Business

As we all know, Tumblr is a leading microblogging and social networking platform that helps people expand their businesses. Here on this platform, over 500 million users, brands share music, video, quotes, infographics and similar pieces of stuff in bulks on this site.

You might have a lot of confusion regarding the reliability of Tumblr or asking yourself “Is this really a useful social media tool for business?” Well, the answer is yes, Tumblr is undoubtedly a propitious platform that can take your business to the peak of success and more probably when you make the effort together with other popular social networking platforms (such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and etc.). Come on, Let’s have a look at the benefits of using Tumblr for your business. Not just posting, you can also mass delete Tumblr posts if required.

Optimize your SEO efforts

Tumblr blogs are fully SEO-optimized, that means they can be easily found simply by searching over the internet but there are no such possibilities in case of searching Facebook posts as they are not detectable through an internet search. Every time when you publish something on Tumblr, you get the opportunity of boosting up your ranking among search engines as well as getting better visibility to your website.

Associate with the younger generation

Though Popular social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram have a massive population, the platforms have lost their youth requisition since the majority of the older generation started using these platforms. Their scenario is quite different in the case of Tumblr that still form an organization of young marketers, thereby removing the obstacles that business faces while targeting young and chiliastic marketers. In case your business aims at targeting young marketers, Tumblr is the right place for you.

Connect with other Industry professionals

Your business can’t survive until you make a connection with other Industry professionals and Tumblr is the right place to accomplish this objective. To start a conversation, you just need to start by liking or reblogging content shared by others. While engaging on Tumblr make sure not to directly make promotion for your business or competition instead share informative content on your page to generate brand awareness among more people.

How to use?

Tumblr is absolutely easy to use! You don’t need to be skilled technically. Just set up your personal account considering your personal preferences and start sharing content based on your ease. In case you have knowledge of HTML editing, you have also the option of customizing Tumblr pages to look attractive in order to share content in your preferred format.

3 Effective Facebook Marketing Strategies For Businesses

You all perhaps know that Facebook is the biggest social media of today’s era with 2.32 billion and counting monthly active users which people from all corners of the world use. If you are looking for the best Facebook marketing strategy, then come to the most right place.

Apart from getting used for chatting and having a nice conversation with friends, people also love Facebook for its incredible facets which include different types of content posted by people from all across the globe. Nowadays, Facebook is basically getting used by businesses to ameliorate their online presence and as an ultimate source to trigger sales and traffic to their money websites.

In this particular article, we are going to talk about three effective marketing strategies to boost-up the business revenues as well as credibility in the eyes of customers. So let’s dive into them!!


Make use of Facebook ads:

Facebook advertising has become one of the biggest metrics to create buzz for your business in the market these days. Companies on Facebook usually strived for getting more number of likes and followers. However, the main focal point of every business should be on achieving the potential customers for their brands and services rather than on people who just glance inside your shoppable posts but never purchased anything.

There are various tools like Poweradspy available in the market these days which can familiarize you with different kinds of ads being made all around the world.

Consistency is the biggest policy:

Facebook Marketing Strategy
Facebook Marketing Strategy

Many people misconceived marketing strategies as a pastime activity that usually get done on weekends. Nevertheless, so-called weekend strategies cannot make your business grow exceptionally. Consistency is one of the biggest factors that serves humongously in making successful marketing strategies. You should post new and intriguing content on your Facebook page each and every day. So, the audience gets something to hold on till the time your next content get live.

Engross with your audience effectively:

This is social media and here everything works on giving and take. The way you treat people the same way they return back to you. So, as a business owner on Facebook, you have to engage with your customers effectively and making them feel like you are concerned about their queries and problems. Reply their asked question and address their comments as soon as possible. Try every beat to clear the wrong air if evoked in relation to the services and brands of your business amongst customers.

These are the top three most alluring marketing strategies for fostering businesses on Facebook.

The Best 3 Tips to Improve Relevance Score on Facebook Ads

A score of 1-10 is just a number while it will help you to judge your performance, which will help you to improve yourself. Similarly, a Facebook relevance score is also a number. However, if you have a better relevance score on your Facebook ads, then you can get better engagement. And it will also help you to reduce your expenditure on Facebook ads. You might be thinking that what is a good relevance score or how you could be able to improve your relevance score on Facebook?

On the score of 1-10, 10 is the highest rating, and 1 is the lowest. It would gauge the relevance of your content to your target audience. While you can also boost relevance score on your Facebook ads.


Here you will find out the 3 best ways applying which you can improve your Facebook  relevance score.

Facebook Relevance Score

Be Specific About Your Targeting Audience

Before you post your ads on Facebook, you need to be clear about who can see your ads and who can’t. There are various filters on Facebook which have different features while using then you can categories the group of people you want to target. You can target the audience based on age, gender, occupation and other factors. While your content shouldn’t be abusive to your audience and get more positive feedback from the audience for Facebook.


Test Your Ads

Another way to improve the relevance score on Facebook ads is A|B testing. In this method, you can post two different ads to a similar audience. That way you can compare the performance of both ads and try to enhance your advertising strategies to improve Facebook ad relevance score.


Make Use of High-Quality Images and Videos

The simplest reason which shows, why you are not getting enough engagement on your ads is because of the quality of the ad images and videos. To attract more views on your Facebook ads, you need to post high-quality content. As you would grow your audience, your positive feedback will also rise and it would help you to improve your Facebook ad relevance score.


These are the few tips which you can apply in your Facebook marketing strategies to gain more from Facebook adverts. While you can also add 20% of texts on your ads which might help you to gain more audience on your Facebook ads.

How To Create A Killer Facebook Ad?

It’s true that most of the marketers are utilizing Facebook marketing approach to enhance their brand name. If you are a marketer and not on Facebook yet, its high time that you invest in Facebook advertising. Or else, your business would be at a huge loss!

Now, if you are already in Facebook advertising and are unable to achieve the desired conversion, carefully analyze your ad copy. There might be some scope of improvement in your ad strategy.

Facebook Ad Examples

Ads are posted on Facebook in millions… Do you really want to make your ads stand out among others on Facebook? In this blog, I’ve listed out some of the innovative tactics of creating a killer Facebook ad by sticking with your existing financial plan.

  • Take advantage of the AIDA model

AIDA model

AIDA refers to Attention, Interest, Desire & Action. It is one of the cardinal principles of the newfangled merchandising tactic. With the aim of doing something fantastic in Fb advertising, you need to draw attention of your audience. Once your ads have got recognized by your audience, you need to keep them by providing them with interesting content every time. After this, your next aim is to develop a strong desire among your audience for the products offered by you. Provide limited time offers to the users that compel them to navigate to your website and make the purchase.

  • Avoid merchandising

Some of the marketers write Facebook ad copy with an only motive of merchandising their goods and services. I’d recommend you to focus on forming an established relationship with your audience. Keep acknowledging their comments personally and reach out to them via Facebook Messenger. Offer quality services to your customers and win their confidence first, and then think of generating revenue.

  • Provide value

Facebook Ads Manager

Provide your audience with a value scheme that specifies why they should readily click on your ad. Highlight the benefits they would acquire by visiting your website. After getting your ads created, you need to spend time and analyze. Think, why would anyone click on your ad? What are their needs and expectations? What makes your ad, extraordinary? If your brand is a renowned one, delineate the number of happy customers of your brand. This creates a great impression on the audience and people will eventually navigate to your website.

  • Employ strong CTA

Your ad has quality content and alluring images, but if there is no clear CTA, it’s not going to succeed. No one spends their precious time in contemplating a site. Guide users how to navigate in your site, what actions to take and likewise.

Hope these points would help achieve your marketing objective. Do consider these tips and optimize your ad with the Facebook ads manager to get the best outcome.

5 Exhilarating Things To Try On Instagram In 2019

It is always not good to try new things, but when it comes to Instagram the scenario is completely opposite. With the frequent updates and releasing of new features, the possibilities on Instagram seems to be endless. Whether you are having a general account or business page on Instagram you can make your marketing strategies successful by using exceptional features provided by Instagram. In case you are not aware of the latest addition on Instagram then read the complete article. We are listing some of the most exciting this that you can try on Instagram this year.

Countdown sticker



This sticker is introduced by Instagram almost at the tail end of the previous year that is why many people don’t know about this. There are so many brands which are using this sticker in so many clever ways to promote their products and to get followers on Instagram. For example, if you are launching any product then you can use this countdown sticker to build excitement among users and to engage them.

Instagram stories ads



Instagram stories are the most viewed places on Instagram and that is businesses are taking this opportunity to advertise their products and services. Almost one third of the viewed stories are from businesses. Therefore, if you are also having a business account on Instagram then you can post ads as your stories. The results you will get after doing this will surely blow your mind.




IGTV is considered as the most effective marketing tool these days. Earlier Instagram doesn’t allow their users to post longer videos but now with the help of IGTV, you can post longer videos maximum up to 60 minutes if your account is verified. In case you have not tried this amazing feature of Instagram then use it for sure.

Close friends list



Earlier the stories you used to post can be seen by all your followers, but now Instagram has brought a customized feature through which you can make a list of those people whom you want to show your stories. Businesses are benefiting a lot from this because now they can target the audience through Instagram stories.




If you have noticed, Instagram has introduced a lot of new filters and some of them are of big brands. Therefore, to make your stories and posts more attractive you can use these filters. It is so much fun to use as well as beneficial also.

Hence, these are the few enticing things that you can use on Instagram for the growth of your business.

How To Automate Your Social Media Accounts?

As we all know that social media has become a part and parcel of everybody’s lives these days. People spend a considerable amount of time over Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and many other social networking sites constantly nowadays. Both common people, as well as businessmen, want to achieve a good online presence over different social media platforms in today’s time.

Back in the days, there was not so much chaos presents over social media platforms, but now the time gets changed enormously. There is a brutal competition going on nowadays on different social media platforms. Handling multiple accounts many times become daunting and irritable. Thanks to the number of social media automation tools available these days on the web which can assist us to automate social media in a completely brilliant manner.

Why people hesitate before using social automation tools?

Some of the start-up entrepreneurs and businessmen worry a lot before making use of automation tools for their social media activities. Because they thought that all this might be perceived as something inauthentic and wrong. But this is not completely true. If these tools get used with some level of human touch, then cannot be seemed like fake or bot-like.

What are the advantages of social media automation tools?

Automate Social Media
Automate Social Media

Automation tools could bring an abundant number of benefits on the table of social media account handlers. Some of them are as follows-

Saves a lot of time

This is one of the biggest advantages that automation software can provide to users of multiple social media accounts. As we know, social media interaction is going much beyond just conversing with your buddies these days. For great transparent online presence, you have to acknowledge the posts of your contemporaries too by liking, commenting, and sharing their posts. It has become a matter of giving and takes. All this consumes a lot of time. Moreover, automation tools can perform all these tasks in much lesser time as that of human beings.

Drives abundant traffic to your business page

It’s a fact that the more traffic generates at your business site, the more your brands and services get used or purchased by people. That’s why online engagement of high-level is must these days for getting on top of the heap. Automation tools, auto-schedule your posts in advance that makes people come across your business contact on a regular basis. And this way more and more people start to take an interest in your business and therefore end-up landing on your business’ main website that increases its Google ranking.

These are some of the main aspects of social media automation tools which one should know to boost-up their business marketing strategies.

How To Drive Sales In 2019, With Your Instagram Marketing Strategy

Now we are in 2019, therefore, it becomes crucial for the businesses to have an active social media identity in order to persist in such a tough competition of established brands.

As a fact, social media marketing can’t be accomplished without Instagram marketing strategies. With time, this platform has turned into a great marketing place and ultimately the priority of popular brands, consumers as well as advertisers. So, if you do not still don’t have an Instagram business profile, you won’t enjoy the perk of effective advertising, but your competitors definitely would.

Switching to Instagram account is the first step towards success, but What comes next? Having an Instagram business account is not sufficient to let your business taste success and drive more sales. Your intention of making money and brand building will be completed only when you make an effort in the right direction. This guide will coach you in the right direction in addition to making you aware of various marketing strategies.

Bring more followers to your profile

Expanding your follower base is the first step in building a successful Instagram account. The more followers you have, the more views your posts will get. In case, you have insufficient followers, it is going to be quite difficult for you to generate more leads which result in diminished sales and profit margin. For a newbie who just created an Instagram account, it might be terrifying to start with zero as followers, but when a company is well established, they have the ease of getting their existing customers transformed into Instagram followers.

Focus on page Improvement

You probably have heard that “First Impression becomes your last impression”. It is absolutely a truth we consider in the day to day life and so applies in the context of Instagram business pages. It should be appealing and attractive to the visitors otherwise they lack interest in reading the information mentioned or visiting again. What is the first thing appearing before a user when he clicks on your profile? It’s your Instagram bio, profile picture and description you added there. All the things must be identical and should not arise any question in the reader’s mind.


The above information aims at giving just an idea about Instagram marketing strategies. Still, there are several strategies out there which a user need to consider before getting started with Instagram advertising that we will hopefully cover in the next article.

Top Reasons Why Your Business Needs To Be On LinkedIn

LinkedIn is one of the best social media platforms for professionals founded on  December 28 in the year 2002 and launched on 5 May in the year 2003. It is the best social media platform for professional networking in which job seekers generally upload their CVS. According to a study done in the year 2018, LinkedIn consists of about 590 million registered users in almost across 200 countries of the world. Among all the users about 250 million users are monthly active users.

If you are a job seeker then being active on LinkedIn is a must for you to reach out your dream job and even if you are a manager executive of any big company and looking to hire some great employees for your company then also LinkedIn is extremely fruitful for you. Every millennial these days remain active on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and many popular social media platform. But most of them forget about the importance which LinkedIn could bring to their table professionally.

Automate LinkedIn Messages
Automate LinkedIn Messages

There is a number of benefits which LinkedIn could provide to businesses as well. In this article, we are going to read about the top reasons why should your business should be on LinkedIn. So just read out!


Make profitable contacts:

As we know LinkedIn is basically a Business-To-Business platform in which business organization reaches out to their potential clients and customers in no time with complete effectiveness. It helps organizations to make contacts with various other growing business companies. That could change their market position in a biggish way.


Hire deserving employees:

A business cannot reach the peak of success until it does not have a good army of employees. It is very important for every organization to have potential employees that could serve the company excellently.  As we know LinkedIn is a professional kind of social media platform where people from all across the world look out for their dream jobs. You can easily hire hard working and dedicated employees for your business from this platform.


Target more clients:

Businesses present over LinkedIn can reach out to their potential clients more easily as compared to others. Because LinkedIn gets used by businesses more often due to B2B attributes. This thing attracts businesses to keep active on it. For getting more clients with the help of LinkedIn, you have to create the best business page on LinkedIn. So that more and more people attracted to your business profile.

You can also automate LinkedIn messages in order to cut-off your efforts. Because handling each and everything manually on LinkedIn might make you feel burdened and annoyed.


Wrapping Up: 

These are some of the top reasons why your business should be on LinkedIn. I hope by reading out these points, you understand the importance of LinkedIn for your business.

Top 4 Reasons Why Facebook Is The Best Platform To Promote Your Business Online In 2019

Apparently the usage of social media has expanded to an extensive proportions and is undoubtedly breaking all the other records. And in return, the strategies of social media marketing have become more subtlety, because those rising social platforms tend to attract more number of marketers with a lot of new and exciting marketing potentialities. But above all that Facebook has been always a complete necessity in every type of digital marketing strategy, and so here we are going to discuss some of the best reasons for which one must use Facebook for promoting their business online.


The best audience targeting platform

Well, Facebook is said to be one of the most popular social networking sites among all! Which means that Facebook is a marketing platform where you can easily get a large number of audience. Whether you want to promote your brand or business online Facebook can help you to get a huge audience, which can be then converted into your potential customers.


It is adaptable

Each and every person is aware about the fact that how much necessary LinkedIn is for every business to business marketing, or how Instagram, Tumblr, and Pinterest can help you with certain visible brands in the different industries. But being different from other platforms where marketing can really make a great impact on, if you are in a particular slot, Facebook is always there for each and every one.

Facebook Ad Intelligence

You can even use Facebook for any type of stores or local businesses, create a defined fan following page for yourself if you are a sole proprietor or an influencer, then you can share your desired content, create a media file page, or increase the awareness of your brand and growth by running different ads and helping users to reach your particular website.


Powerful Data

Facebook is just the king of endemic analytics. You can become pretty much sure that you can handle each and everything without any extra social media analysis tools when it really comes to Facebook. And whether paid or free, Facebook Insights, are nothing but short of impressive part of advertising which tells you about your performance..

You can even get a quick outlook of important data such as post reach, page likes and engagement as well in a monthly, weekly or periodically view. It breaks down data in all of these specifications and helps you determine your best-operating ads and posts with ease.


A variety of advertisement options

Well, almost 95% of advertisers on social media take help of Facebook ads. Just because of its unique audience targeting efficiency, you can connect with the most appropriate people to show your content in a bunch of formats available. And there are many tools also available like the Facebook Ad Intelligence tools which can surely help you to create the best ads on Facebook.



Facebook is definitely a crowded market place, so try to make your best efforts to make the best ads. And hope the above stated reasons can help you to know the importance of advertising on Facebook.