What is the Dentist Doing?

Dental WorkGeneral dentist would love to conduct high margin clear aligner cases and dental implants each day.

Many patients, however, need traditional, functional dentistry procedures. So, if a dental crown is your procedure or a dental bridge, what does the dentist do inside your mouth?

In dental terms, both procedures involve a 3-step preparation process to get you fitted properly. The three steps are cutting, finishing and polishing teeth.

Cutting is the bulk reduction of the tooth. This process will use a dental drill with a burr most likely with a diamonds infused into the burr. The quick and bulk reduction will shave the crown of the tooth down to a stump.

Finishing will use a diamond burr the is a finer coursed surface to smooth the stomp and clear any uneven indents.Dentist

Polishing is completed after the composite, ceramic, PFM or zirconia crowns are bonded to the stomp. The dentist will use a polishing instrument with two or three course polishing rotary devices. This is what gives a dental restoration a natural shine

In the end, by mastering the cut, finish, and polish procedures, you can relax knowing that your dentist will restore the look and functionality of your mouth.

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